Oct 19 2013

SMBs Need a Data Recovery Plan

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Data backup and disaster recovery pose significant threats to unprepared small and midsized businesses unaware of growing threats.

The “it won’t happen to me!” attitude is extremely reckless – and it’s an attitude that needs serious adjustment – because unexpected downtime means idle employees and lost revenue.

As a small business, your files – work files, customer information, accounting files, etc. – could lead to a shuttered business.

Using a mix of cloud computing and virtualization, if rolled out properly, can better keep business secure of unexpected data threats.

The recent ‘Cryptolocker’ ransomware, which forced companies to either pay a ransom or lose access to their files, is the latest reminder of the importance of properly backing up files. Businesses need to be more vigilant and choose a data recovery solution that allows them speedily recover information whenever needed.

Read more about Cryptolocker here and here.  I am working on a separate story related to Cryptolocker which will be available sometime in the next few days.

For example, an e-tailer needs to make sure its financial system is up and running as soon as possible or customers may not return to the same store to make purchases in the future.

Backing up a virtualized infrastructure and saving VM files is significantly faster and easier than trying to maintain in-house physical servers.

Many companies are adopting various cloud computing solutions, but need to be aware that some vendors charge an additional fee for emergency recovery. Companies often pay one fee to back up data off-site, and must pay another fee when trying to successfully recover the data.

Written By: Michael Hatamoto

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