Jun 01 2012

Book Review: ‘Manga Guide to the Universe’

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I typically wouldn’t sit down and read a book about the universe. Don’t get me wrong: I absolutely love reading space new and seeing how technology is helping us learn more about our universe. Occasionally, a book will come along and catch my eye, so I’ll sit down and grind through a book heavy with scientific fact and rather dry with entertainment value.

Enter the “Manga Guide to the Universe, a manga book focused on a high school drama club. The book is a mix between typical manga comics and a scientific look at the universe — and it does a great job of breaking down complex space-related theories.

The authors even include a soccer diagram in the book to help relate how the universe was born, relaying yet another refreshing method to educate readers. Towards the end of each chapter, the authors include a technical breakdown of the scientific knowledge learned in that chapter – a great addition to the cute images used.

The book clearly wasn’t written to replace a text book, but can be used a great addition to help break down the general knowledge of space. “Manga Guide to the Galaxy” includes information about the solar system, how the universe was born, famous telescopes, discussion of the Heliocentric model, and other basic space information readers should know.

“Manga Guide to the Universe” is extremely easy to read, even if you’re not a science or space guru, and is recommended reading for anyone looking to learn. I think it’s best suited for an adult to try and teach a child about space, because the manga and diagrams help spell things out even better.
You can read the prologue and chapter 1 by clicking here (PDF).

The print & e-book version is available from O’Reilly for $21.95, but you can find a copy of the book on Amazon for less than $14.
I wrote a review of “The Manga Guide to Calculus” in 2009, and found the book to be a fun and unique look into math. After flipping through the “Manga Guide to Biochemistry,” Ted took his copy of the book to work with him. It turns out, researchers and biochem geeks absolutely loved it!

Each book in the Manga Guide series provides an interesting way to relay information on sometimes complicated topics.

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